Author reveals plans to pen best-seller’s sequel

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A WOMAN who told her amazing real-life story in a best-selling book has so much left to tell she is working on a sequel.


Melanie Davies recounted her fight against adversity in Never Say Die, which HarperCollins published just before Christmas.

It has sold 5,000 copies in a matter of months, including sales in America where it has not even been released yet.

Now Melanie, a paraplegic who lives with husband Mike in Gellinudd, near Pontardawe, feels there is more to tell.

"There is definitely going to be a follow-up," said Melanie who, along with Mike, is the driving force behind the Treat Trust Wales charity that the Evening Post is backing. "We've been encouraged to do it by people who read the first book. The way life has gone on, it's practically writing itself."

Melanie, now aged 45, broke her back in a motorbike crash when she was 15. In a Hollywood-type twist, it was surgeon Mike who broke the news to her that she would never walk again.

Then in 2001 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which she eventually overcame. To take her mind off that, she developed her idea for a therapy centre for people with serious illnesses or injuries. That led to the formation of the Treat Trust Wales. The centre, planned for the grounds of Morriston Hospital, is going to cost around £10 million and Treat has launched a campaign to raise the first £1 million in the next year.

Melanie is donating her royalties from Never Say Die to the cause. She wrote the book with author Lynne Barret-Lee but is working on the follow-up with husband Mike — who is himself battling cancer.


Film star hopes call will go down a treat

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Movie star Michael Sheen is calling on Evening Post readers to get behind a charity's multi-million pound fundraising drive.

He is president of Treat Trust Wales, which is planning a £10 million therapy centre in the grounds of Morriston Hospital.

Driving force Melanie Davies hopes construction will start in 2014 after the trust forged a successful partnership with Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Universoty Health Board.

The centre will be for people recovering from serious illnesses or accidents and their families, as well as the general public.

Facilities will include a gymnasium, ramped-access swimming pool, general-purpose sports hall and alternative therapies.

Fund-raising has now started in earnest, with the charity setting itself the ambitious target of hitting its first £1 million in 12 months.

The Evening Post will be bringing regular updates on the charity's progress in the months ahead.

Michael, from Baglan, said: "As president of Treat Trust Wales it is a pleasure to endorse the project. I am delighted the South Wales Evening Post is supporting our fund- raising drive.

"I want to share with readers how delighted I was to be asked to be president of a charity with such bold and ambitious aims.

"Building a world-class, state-of-the-art therapy, rehabilitation and well-being facility is no mean feat.

"Indeed, there is only one establishment remotely like it in the UK — the Aspire National Training Centre, which that I had the privilege of visiting.

"I am greatly encouraged to know Aspire is committed to helping us. Their facility is now more than 20 years old and they want to make sure Treat is developed for the 21st Century.

"The people of Wales deserve top-class and ground-breaking facilities. Treat will be paving the way to empower ourselves physically and mentally, not only to value our health and fitness, but to take responsibility for it.

"In our lives, we need drive, ambition and commitment to make headway.

"Be part of the vision and help us raise the funds to make it a reality.

"From every penny to every pound, the Treat building is something you will be able to be proud of as a legacy that will go on from now to future generations."

Melanie, who lives with husband and fellow Treat campaigner Mike, near Pontardawe, came up with the idea of the therapy centre after developing breast cancer in 2001.

She is also donating royalties from her autobiography, Never Say Die, to the cause.

"It's fantastic having Michael on board," she said.

"Whenever we see him, all he wants to do is sit down and talk about how we can move Treat on. He makes very sensible suggestion — he's very hands-on."

She also paid tribute to Michael's dad Meyrick, the trust's vice-president. "He doesn't let up for a second. He's solid and reliable, and his enthusiasm is unbeatable."

Want to get involved with Treat Trust Wales?

Check out the website at

Email the charity at or call 07792 540466.


Book Signing

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The radiology department

We’ve got the land!

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Great news, we’ve been sent a letter confirming the land at Morriston Hospital

Major Fundraising kicks off!

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Major Fundraising kicks off!

Fashion Show at the Brangwyn Hall
Major fund-raising will now begin in earnest and preliminary arrangements have been made for a fashion show, again in the Brangwyn Hall, in the autumn.

‘Never Say Die’

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Melanie Davies, Treat Trust Wales’s Founder and Secretary, has written (with Lynne Barrett-Lee) her autobiography. Entitled “Never Say Die”, all proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to TREAT Trust Wales.


Never Say Die Cover 2.jpg

Melanie Davies, Treat Trust Wales’s Founder and Secretary, has written (with Lynne Barrett-Lee) her autobiography. Entitled “Never Say Die”, it is to be published by Harper Collins in their Harper True imprint on November 26th 2009.

All of Melanie’s share of the proceeds from sale of the book will be donated to TREAT Trust Wales.

The book is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.

Preferred Site

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Best location for TREAT Trust Wales Centre has been identified.

At a meeting at Morriston Hospital on 15th January 2009, three possible areas of land were reviewed and TREAT Trust Wales’s preferred site identified.

ABM Agreement

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ABM’s offer of land at peppercorn rent

At the October 2008 board meeting of the Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University NHS Trust it was resolved to offer an area of land on the redeveloping Morriston Hospital site at a peppercorn rent to TREAT Trust Wales. The charity is responsible for the building and running costs of the facility.

New Offices!

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The TREAT Trust Wales are to be provided with an office at Morriston hospital.

After a meeting with ABM held today, arrangements were made to provide TREAT Trust Wales with an office at Morriston Hospital, enabling the charity to re-register its official addresses with the Charities’ Commission and Companies’ House.

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